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Journey to Silius
Journey to Silius began life as a "Terminator" game. Unfortunately, the original copyright text and some unknown graphics are all that remain from that development period. Note the original copyright date of 1989, compared to the final's 1990. I wonder how long it took Sunsoft to strip the game of all "Terminator" references?
Credit: original discoverer unknown
Screenshots from the game's "Terminator" days.
Credit: Skrybe
The Game Genie code XTUSKTAV (ROM patch $1DE4C?60:EA) activates the game's stage select. A or B changes the starting level, and Start starts the game. Combined with the code TEXINTIA ($1DEB7?05:06), you can jump straight to the final boss (select the "ENDING[]" after the "BOSS" list).
Credit: Chris Covell

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