the cutting room floor

Super Mario Bros. 3
The Game Genie code KKKZSPIU activates SMB3's level select and debug mode. On the level select screen, press UP or DOWN to select a World, A to increase the number of lives by 5 (a tile will change each time you press the button), A+B+DOWN on Controller 2 to warp to the Princess's chamber at the end of the game, or A+B+RIGHT to warp straight to the final curtain. During gameplay, pressing SELECT on Controller 1 will give Mario a different suit or power.

The menu shown in the picture was found elsewhere in the ROM and hacked into the title screen; it doesn't appear if you use the Game Genie code by itself. Apply this IPS patch to a Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM to see it for yourself.
Credit: menu found by BMF54123; code created by David Wonn
This Japanese text was found amongst the bonus game text in the U.S. SMB3 ROM (it appears in the Japanese version as well). It seems to indicate that more bonus games existed sometime during development:

1 ga detara 1
2 ga detara kagi wo
sore igai wa koin wo ageyou

If "1" appears, 1 (?); if "2" appears, I'll give you a key; otherwise I'll give you coins.

kisuu ga detara
ruuretto geemu wo
yarasete ageyou

If an odd number appears, I'll let you play the Roulette Game.

guusuu ga detara
kaado geemu wo
sasete ageyou

If an even number appears, I'll let you play the Card Game.

2 modore


mono wo yarou?

Give something?

3 kai purei da yo

Play three times! (It's three-times play!)

chansu wa 2 kai
onaji kaado wo
2 mai atete goran

Chance to twice; set aside two identical cards

2 modore

Credit: text found by BMF54123; translation by applepie

Unused graphics from the bonus game and map screen patterns. I assume the question marks were arranged in the pattern shown, and were most likely related to the lost bonus games mentioned above. Toad and the "P" symbol may have appeared in one of the bonus games. The skull and cloud were to be used on the map screen, as their pattern table location indicates. The large Hammer Brother and Koopa Troopa were found next to the Toad used in the final bonus games, and were most likely the "hosts" of the lost bonus games.
It's Toad! What's he doing alongside a giant ? block, a Frog Suit, and a Tanooki Suit? Did a Toad Suit exist at one time?!
Unused animated background tiles.

A propeller object, found amongst some underwater graphics.

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