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but read this first

Before you e-mail me, please read these guidelines. It would make me very happy.

1. Absolutely NO Pokémon-related e-mail.
2. Absolutely NO ROM requests.
3. No translation patch requests. If a translation isn't listed at any of the following sites, it most likely doesn't exist (yet):
- Zophar's Domain
- RPGd
- Trans-Flux
- The Whirlpool
- any site listed on the CTC page
4. I am not a translator. Don't ask me to translate SD Yuko Blade Gaiden XVII into English, I can't do it.
5. Don't ask me "how do I hack ROMs?" That's a very broad question. If you're a newbie, I suggest you visit Zophar's Domain and romhacking.org. They've both got plenty of documents and utilities that can help guide you into the fascinating world of ROM modification, as well as a couple of forums for you to post your questions on. Word of advice: don't act like a lamer on the forums, and you most likely won't be treated like one.
6. There is no point 6.
7. Don't ask a question that's already been answered on this site, or in the case of my ROM hacks, been answered in the README. (It's called README for a reason.)
8. I am currently hacking NES ROMs only, so any questions about hacking Game Boy/SNES/Genesis/other ROMs will probably not be answered...satisfactorily, anyway.
9. Constructive criticism is what I'm lookin' for. Something sucks? Site's ugly as a horse's @ss? Let me know how I can fix it! (But be nice about it, please...)
10. Princess Mononoke was an excellent movie.

That's about it. If you have indeed read the notes above, and agree with them (well, except #10, I guess), you may proceed to drop me a line. My address:

(remove _'s before sending, k?)

And remember:  no pokemon mail kthnx