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Major RuSteD Hacks
Legend of the Blob Bros. 2
Escape from Base 57 screenshots download Melt your way through 50 floors of madness inside a giant prison compound!
Blob Buster screenshots download Help M.C. defeat the evil forces wreaking havoc on a peaceful island paradise!
Blob Muncher
(UPDATED 12/4/02)
screenshots download He's hungry...for justice! Help Blob collect all the Micro-Fuel Pellets before the Bad Blobs find them!
Super Mario Bros. 2 Christmas Edition download Wart's turned the tropical Sub-Con into a winter wonderland! As usual, it's your job to track him down and put his evil plans on ice...

In Progress/On Hold
Doki Doki Panic NES screenshots An enhanced NES version of the Famicom Disk System classic. (IN PROGRESS)
Bubble Blobble screenshots Fight your way through the maze-like Bad Blob HQ and rescue Blobette! (ON HOLD)

Minor RuSteD Hacks
BMF vs. HPPH (a.k.a. Kill Happypeepeehead) screenshots download KILL HAPPYPEEPEEHEAD!
Star Soldier Alternate Graphics Patch screenshots download See the alternate graphics without beating the game.
Super Mario Bros. 1.5 screenshots download Replaces the graphics with those from SMB2J. Woo.

Other Hacks
Dr. Hatio screenshots download The doctor is in, and his name's Hatio! He's ready to fight evil virii with the healing power of...beanies?!
Dragoon X download Save the world of Shurek before it's too late!
Final Fantasy Epic download Recapture the Crystal of Fire before darkness engulfs the world!