The Blob Adventures

The adventures (and misadventures) of the legendary Guardian of Blobaria, Blobby Slimeson, and his faithful sidekick and best friend, M.C.

02.11.02 Another new episode...
   Added episode #7, "M.C. TV," to the "Life with M.C." series.

   (For future reference: not all new episodes will be mentioned here or on the main RL news page, so be sure to check the sections themselves for updates from time to time. The last update will always be shown above each section.)
02.07.02 New layout and three new episodes!
   Yep, I finally got around to making a layout that (in my opinion) doesn't look like total poo. It'll probably be tweaked and updated here and there over the next few weeks, as it's still a bit too plain for my tastes...

   I've also decided to split "The Blob Adventures" into several different series, the first of which is "Life with M.C." This series, which will be updated most often, follows the wacky misadventures of Blob and M.C. at home on Blobaria. There are six episodes in this series so far, which can be downloaded from the appropriately-titled "Life with M.C." section below. Future series will follow the adventures of Blob as he fights to eradicate the evil Bad Blob empire, and will have more "serious" storylines (but not without a sprinkling of comic mischief here and there).

   And if you're new to this whole Blob thing, check out the "Information" section at the bottom of the page, where you can soon read all about the distant world of Blobaria and its unusual inhabitants. If all goes well, this section should be online within the next couple of weeks (read: Spring 2004).

   See you next update...

The Adventures
(Last updated 2/20/02 - 1 ep.)
Life with M.C.
M.C. TV Surprise in Every Bottle What a Gas!
A Study of the Effects of Radiation on Complex Circuitry Maim That Tune The Secret Ingredient
Replifi...what? Insectalicious *whizzz...*

(coming sometime in the future)
The Characters Who's who in The Blob Adventures
The World Your guide to the strange, yet beautiful world of Blobaria
The FAQ Well, okay, they're not frequently asked, but I feel they're important nonetheless...

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