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06.29.04 Smallish update.
  BMF's NES Palette has been updated again. Anyone who thought the last version was way too dark should enjoy this one a little more. Details are in the README.

  There's also been a small update to The Cutting Room Floor. More stuff will be uploaded once I start feeling better. Anxiety disorders are horrible horrible horrible things.
04.22.04 UPDATE GET!
  That's right, biznatches, I'm back with an actual update! The Cutting Room Floor has received a few new members, as well as a new sub-section, titled "Help Wanted." This section is for games that contain debugging code or other hidden features that I'm not quite sure how to reactivate (it seems some programmers REALLY didn't want mere mortals playing around with their debugging tools). I've found quite a few, and I'm sure with a little teamwork, these long-lost Easter eggs can be cracked open and drained of their delicious contents!

  More updates to come in the next few weeks, including a few much-needed alterations to the woefully outdated Links page. Stick around.
07.02.03 A very colorful update.
  BMF's NES Palette has been updated to Final Revision 2, demonstrating once again why I shouldn't have called the 2/11/01 release "final." I'll just stick with good ol' version numbers from now on.

  Anyway, you can download this God-forsaken thing from the Goodies page.
06.24.03 More hidden treasures...
  The Cutting Room Floor has been updated yet again. Go check out some dark secrets just uncovered in Adventure Island 4, Castlevania, Hebereke, and Ninja Gaiden 2!

  I'll probably be adding a few more games within the next few days. This page won't be updated, so be sure to check either the Update Log or The Cutting Room Floor to see if there's anything new.
  The Cutting Room Floor has been updated! Guerrilla War, Ninja Gaiden, and Star Soldier are new to the group, while the Super Mario Bros. 3 page has been updated with a couple of new findings. Mysterious!
04.17.03 AAUGH! The horror!
  Cringe in fear, mortals: the awfully terrible WaKKie CoMiX section has been updated with six new comics - enough to make even the, uh, ironest of stomachs curl up and eject their contents. The new comics are highlighted in blue in the archive. Take a peek at them if you wish, but don't say I didn't warn you.
02.20.03 Hackery, I say!
  Heh. I suppose I could've just linked to this last night, but apparently my brain wasn't connected. This is the "big project" I mentioned. Like, enjoy, or something!

  Super Mario Odyssey Demo v0.1
02.19.03 News archived. Mmyep.
  Today's massive(ly disappointing) update: all news dated before 11/20/02 has been moved to the News Archive. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!!@#$%*


  In other news, I'm working on another big project. If you frequent Acmlm's Super Mario World hacking board, you probably already know what it is. And if you don't, well...just take a wild guess.
12.03.02 New hack, or something like it...
  It's colossal! It's stupendous! It's completely unanticipated! It's Escape from Base 57, the newest ROM hack to bear the RuSteD ROM Hacks name. In this game, you assume the role of Blobby Slimeson, who has just been thrown into the deepest, darkest corner of Base 57, the Bad Blobs' most notorious prison/research facility. Your only weapon (and means of escape) is an unlimited supply of super-corrosive rocket fuel, which you'll need to use to melt down walls and defeat an assortment of wacky enemies.

  You can check out this eerily-similar-to-Bomberman adventure by depressing your left mouse button here.
11.20.02 New stuff! Yeah!
  First of all, I'd like to announce the grand opening of a brand-new section: The Cutting Room Floor! This section showcases unused graphics, text, debug modes, and other nifty stuff hidden in your favorite NES games. This section can be found in the new "Other Sections..." section, listed amongst the other sections on the Nav-Bar. (That's a lotta sections!)

  I've also added a new Update Log, which you can access by clicking on that goofy "Update Log" link above. It's a Java applet that opens in a new window, and tells you when each section of the site was last updated. Convenient!

  Until next time, RuStoPiaNs...

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