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    The legendary Guardian of Blobaria. Blobby is usually a short, round creature, but for this particular adventure, he's decided to take on a more agile humanoid form. However, if he takes too much damage, his slime will lose its integrity, forcing him to revert back to his usual form.
    Blobby usually has no trouble keeping the forces of evil at bay, but since Wart has turned the entire population of Blobaria against him, he's decided to enlist the help of a few close friends...

    Blobby's younger brother, and self-proclaimed "Super Jumping Master BOOYAH!" (his words, not mine). He has the best jumping ability of the four characters, and is able to "hang" in the air by spinning his legs like propellers. Unfortunately, his amazing jumping ability comes at a price: once in the air, he's a lot harder to control than any other character.

    This half-Blob, half-robot is always by Blobby's side, ready for a new adventure to come along. His body may look a bit clunky, but he does have some pretty incredible abilities, such as tremendous lifting power, and the ability to jump the same height and run the same speed, regardless of what he's carrying. His legs still need some work, though, so he can't jump nearly as high as the rest of the group.

Prince Jare
    A member of the Pink Royal Family, and the weakest member of the group. His jumping ability leaves much to be desired, especially when he's carrying something, and his lifting power is way below average (royalty on Blobaria usually don't get much exercise). However, being a member of the Royal Family, he has Elder slime running through his body, which gives him the magical ability to float through the air for a few seconds.
    Prince Jare is quite possibly Blobby's biggest fan, which is why he's copied Blobby's humanoid form in almost perfect detail. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery...

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