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Mmm...delicious Blobarian cherries! Collect enough of these, and something good will happen.

Mystic Star
An ancient, magical relic, crafted by the Elders long ago. It has the power to render your character invulnerable for a limited period of time.

Small Heart
Free-floating life energy. Replenishes one point of your Life Meter.

1-up Chest
Contains special potions and medicines that will give you the power to continue even after all your life energy is gone. In other words, you get an extra life!

Unripened Vegetable
Not quite ripe yet. Feed it to the enemies.

Ripe Vegetable
Yum! Fresh vegetables! Your enemies will be petrified if you find enough of these!

As long as it keeps ticking, enemies will be frozen in place. But beware, once it winds down...

Magic Potion
The essence of Sub-Space, the home of the Elders, stored in a glass flask. They say the key to entering Sub-Space lies within...

Elder Coin
Found only in Sub-Space. These rare, ancient coins are each worth one spin of the "Bonus Chance" tumblers.

Life Pack
Also found only in Sub-Space. The pure life energy stored in these containers will refill and add an extra point to your Life Meter!

Elder Key
This enchanted key will open all the locked doors in the current level. But beware...every key is guarded by an evil Bad Blob spirit, which will give chase if you take his treasure!

Crystal Ball
This gleaming orb acts as a key to unlock the mysterious Blob Mask door at the end of each level. Each one is carefully guarded by a fire- or egg-spitting Spittle, whom Wart has instructed to eliminate Blobby and his friends at all costs!

This little powder keg can be used to blast apart cracked blocks, or to eliminate pesky baddies. It's also the favorite weapon of a couple of bosses you'll encounter...

A wild Blob that lives underground. Throw him on the ground, and he'll slide along like a spiny hockey puck, wiping out any enemies he comes into contact with.

WAP Block
Your very own Earthquake-In-A-Box! Give 'er a toss and hold on to something...

Stackable Block
They come in different shapes and sizes, but every world has them. Stack them up to reach high places, or throw them at the bad guys to knock 'em out!

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