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Several years ago...

    "Take-a that!" Mario yelled as he threw one last vegetable into Wart's massive mouth. The repulsive toad gagged, babbled, and finally fell off his throne, spewing a foul-smelling smoke.
    As Mario wiped the sweat from his forehead, a door opened up below Wart's throne, and a strange golden light spilled from it. Mario gathered up all his courage, expecting another battle, and went through the door...
    Everything was dark and quiet. Suddenly, light began pouring in through some windows, and Mario found himself standing in a small room with a large vase in the middle. There was a huge cork jammed into the vase. Thinking that perhaps this was the exit, Mario jumped on the vase and started to pull on the cork. At first it didn't budge, so Mario ate a little piece of Super Mushroom he had saved, and pulled again...
    POP! The cork slipped out of the vase, and immediately a swarm of bee-like creatures filled the room. "Beezos!" he exclaimed, but then he looked more carefully...these weren't Beezos, they were the lost citizens of Sub-Con! Mario and his pals had saved the day again!
    Later that night, as he dreamed about the adventure and all the strange characters he had met, he couldn't help but wonder if Wart really was gone for good. An image of the vile amphibian floated into his mind and began to snicker...

On the distant planet Blobaria...

    "Bright sun, warm breeze, not a cloud in sight...this is a perfect day for an adventure," thought a little green creature named Blobby. "Too bad there aren't any evil bad guys on the loose today, or I might be having a little fun right now..."
    Just then, a bright light flashed, and a strange red door appeared over Plaz Lake. A staircase appeared, and the door opened...
    "What in the name of Sploik was that?" shouted Blobby as he gazed at the strange door. "This doesn't look good...I'd better inform the King right away!" As Blobby ran towards the large castle overlooking the Kingdom of Blobaria, a massive amphibian emerged from the floating door. Around his neck was a gold pendant, with the letters "W A R T" engraved on it...
    "BWAAAHAAAAA! *blub* Another defenseless little *blop* world for me to rule...and no sign of that repulsive *urrp* plumber! This is too good to be true...*gurgle*..."

It's up to you!

    Wart wants to keep Blobaria in his slimy grip for all of eternity. He's cast a spell on the planet's peaceful inhabitants, and now their only goal is to keep anyone from dethroning the evil toad a second time. He's also kidnapped the Elders, the caretakers of Blobaria, and has imprisoned them in a machine designed to drain their magical powers. If Wart discovers how to harness that power, he'll be unstoppable!
    Blobby has recruited three of his best friends to help him defeat Wart and release the citizens of Blobaria from the magic spell. It's up to you to guide Blobby and his friends safely through the most dangerous regions of Blobaria and through Wart's floating castle to confront the wicked wizard himself! All of Blobaria is counting on you...

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