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World 1:
Yass Plains
    Your quest to overthrow Wart begins here. Lush, green grass, tall hills, and roaring waterfalls make this world one of the most beautiful on Blobaria. Since this is only the beginning of your quest, the enemies here shouldn't give you too much trouble.

Boss: Wheelie, the Big Bad Boss Blob
    He's big, he's bad, and he's got lots of Bombs to throw. Maybe you should give him a taste of his own medicine...

World 2:
Sandblock Desert
    Things heat up a little as you step into the most arid place on Blobaria. Vicious bullet-spitting Hissys and masked bandit Blobs are just a couple of the hot-headed baddies you'll encounter during your visit. Try to keep your cool, and don't step in the quicksand unless you're a fast jumper!

Boss: Macrobot, the Robotic Soldier
    This massive hunk of metal has a flame thrower installed in each claw, and a well-trained Bad Blob at the controls. Good thing there's a few boulders nearby, otherwise you'd be a sitting duck--err, Blob!

World 3:
Plaz Hills
    As you head deeper into the Blobarian wilderness, the baddies become more varied and, unfortunately, more aggressive. But don't let them stop you from climbing the area's most famous landmark: Sunset Mountain! As day slowly turns to night atop the towering peak, long-eared Bungies and graceful Albatosses emerge from the shadows. But remember, they're all under Wart's spell, and don't take too kindly to outsiders invading their territory...

Boss: Boom Bug
    This strange insect was mutated by Wart's spell, and now possesses the unusual ability to produce Bombs from his, uh, hind quarters. Just hurl those explosive excrements back where they came from!

World 4:
Arctic Zone
    Brrrrrr...time to chill out! The Arctic Zone is without a doubt the coldest, slickest place you'll visit during your quest. You'll meet some interesting creatures here, including enchanted snowmen and lightning-fast...penguins? You'll also come across some massive whales, but don't worry, they're on your side, and will lend a helping tail--or spout--if necessary.

Boss: Jettison, Master of the Pyro-Pod
    Originally sent by Wart to melt the polar icecaps, Jettison has received new orders: stop Blobby and his friends at all costs! Be careful, this guy's not easily extinguished...

World 5:
    Welcome to Blobaria's biggest, most bustling city! Everything in this city is huge, from the skyscrapers to the tempers of its possessed citizens. Watch out for gun-toting criminals and rabid pigeons dropping from above! Wart's put a reward on your heroes' heads, and everybody wants a piece of the prize!

Boss: Macrobot II
    The metallic maniac returns, this time in a slightly different form. He's traded in his flame throwers for super-powered arms, and is ready and willing to squash you flat with a few concrete-filled barrels! Time to gather up all your strength, because you'll need to turn his own weapons against him...

World 6:
Moon Base Alpha
    Now that you've cleaned up Wart's mess on Blobaria, it's time to blast off to his weapons stronghold in space. The moon may look dry and lifeless, but there's a wide variety of strange creatures thriving beneath its surface. Proceed with caution, and be prepared to make a few gravity-defying jumps along the way!

Boss: Zargluk, the Revolting...Thing
    Yuck! Even Blobby is disgusted by this slimy, smelly creature. But now's not the time to hold your nose and run away! Watch your footing on the slimy rocks, and try to find a few good ones to throw at the big goon!

World 7:
    Where are you? How'd you get here? All you remember is a flash of light, and suddenly falling from a bright blue sky onto a bed of giant flowers...

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