Tips & Hints
v2.0 Final
v2.0 Demo
Tips and Hints
  • Every level can be completed with any of the four characters, although some characters will make the job a lot easier than others.

  • There are fewer chances to get a Starman or Stopwatch in Blob Bros. 2 than there were in Super Mario Bros. 2. If you encounter one, chances are you'll really need it for the area ahead!

  • Every World contains one well-hidden Treasure Room. Each one is packed full of coins for the Bonus Chance slot machine. See if you can find them all!

  • Most levels contain two Life Packs, although some may contain only one. Life Packs are usually located near Magic Potions, but sometimes you'll have to do some searching...

  • Stock up on lives early in the game. You'll need every last one if you hope to reach Wart's castle!

  • Taking out a lot of enemies can be good for your health.

  • Standing at the edge of a cliff, with nowhere to go? Sometimes taking a leap of faith is the only solution...

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